Disney Junior Minnie Storybook Library Collection 5 Books Set


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Disney Minnie Storybook Library Collection 5 Books set. Minnie stories are designed with very interesting concept and funny incidents for the young kids to read.

Minnie and the missing Brownies
Minnie bakes some delicious butterscotch brownies for Daisy Duck's party, but they go missing. Will Minnie and her friends be able to solve the mystery of the missing brownies

Minnie and the flower Mystery
Minnie love gardening, but one day she finds that her prized daffodils are gone! can Minnie  and daisy solve the  mystery of the missing flowers?

Minnie and the lost dog
Minnie is dog-sitting Pluto for Mickey, but Pluto goes missing when she takes him for  a walk. Can Minnie and Daisy love solve the mystery of the missing Dog?

Minnie and new hat
Minnie makes a lovely new hat for spring, but a big gust of wind blows it away. Will Minnie be able to get her hat back?

Minnie Rapunzel
Rapunzel Minnie is trapped in a tower by a witch, but prince Mickey finds her and climbs up the tower. Will they both escape and live happily ever after?

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